Expat & Executive Services

Housing (Rent or Buy)
Are you looking to buy or rent an apartment or home?
Let our Certified Realtors advise and guide you through the complete process.
Are you the owner of an apartment or home and wish to rent your home to internationals, then contact us so that we may guide you through the process of finding you the perfect tenant.
Moving & Logistics
Are you planning to move abroad and emigrate?
Would you like to have our experts guide you through the process from beginning to end and on both sides of the world?
Do you or do your employers need to apply for a residency permit?
Are you a start-up and need expert immigration advice for your employers?
Our Immigration attorneys are here to give you expert advice.
Mortgage advice
Are you planning on buying a property in the Netherlands?
Do you need expert advice on how mortgages work in the Netherlands and which mortgage is the best one for you?
Are you looking to find the right High School, Primary School or Daycare for your child?
Would you like expert help from our teachers who help you register, visit the school with you and inform you about the different types of education available in the Netherlands?
Tax & Accounting
Are you looking for expert help from our Tax Attorneys regarding individual or immigration taxes?
Woud you like to know if you or your employers qualify for the 30% ruling?
Do you need help from our Certified Accountants to help you regulate your taxes in the Netherlands and abroad?
Short Stay
Are you visiting Amsterdam to find your new home and need a Short Stay apartment to stay while doing so?
Is your home not yet ready to move into?
We have special rates with our Short Stay partners to facilitate our clients.
Animal transport
Does your favorite pet need to be transported safely to it's new destination?
Does your racehorse or race-hound need special Animal handler care by a professional?
We take care of all the paperwork so you can stay worry free.
Are you looking for reliable Contractors who listen to your wishes and who renovate your home on time?
We not only renovate homes but build extensions, request all permits and advise you on how we can improve your property in order to create an increase in value.
Architecture & Interior design
Do you need professional plans drawn up to extend and improve your home or business property? Our Architect and Interior designer work closely together with our Contracting team to create beautiful extensions or improvements of your property while advising you on where to buy and style or rent the best furniture.
Are you planning your wedding in the Netherlands and looking for expert venue advice at competitive prices?
Our team has years of experience and know how to make your dreams become reality.
Event planner
Looking to launch your new Brand on an international level?
Do you need to celebrate the opening of your new Head office with an amazing new show, headlined by the top (Inter)national artists?
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