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Audrey Mezas, Founder of Expat in Amsterdam® tells the story of how living abroad as a child paved the way for her future career.

(Trailer) Dec 2019


Expat Hour

Austyn Smith interviews Audrey Mezas and asks her, how life abroad led to founding her successful company Expat in Amsterdam®

(Podcast in English) Dec 2019


Expat Hour

Oprah 2.0 - Audrey Mezas Third Culture Kid turned Expat

Audrey Mezas sits down with expat and renown social worker Allison Ochs, in an exclusive interview,  to talk about how to raise kids in a digital era and her new book "Would I have sexted back in the 80s?"

(English Interview) Jun 2019


Allison Ochs

Audrey Mezas Owner of Expat in Amsterdam® ZUIDAS magazine October 2017

"When the job is done and the client is happy, that gives me a huge kick!"

(Dutch/English article) Oct 2017

Magazine article 

ZUIDAS magazine

Schermafbeelding 2018-08-17 om 00.32.55.

The Muller family moved from San Francisco  to Amsterdam in July 2017.

We're proud to welcome them to our great city and thank them for their amazing "viral" video!

(English video) Jul 2017



Audrey Mezas from Expat in Amsterdam® intervieuw by the Daily Dutchie.

"Why take a year to get settled, when it only takes a few weeks!"

(Dutch article) Oct 2016

Online interview


Culture matters podcast with Audrey Mezas Owner of Expat in Amsterdam®

About this weeks guest!

What to do as an Expat in a new country with Audrey Mezas.

(Podcast in English) Sep 2016