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About us

Expat in Amsterdam is your One stop shop!

It's not  "about us!" It's "about you!"

Our goal is to make you feel happy, relaxed and like family."

Expat in Amsterdam® stands for "commitment, exclusivity, discretion and tailor-made personal service!" 

Audrey Mezas started this company because she felt that she, together with her team, could combine excellent service on a professional level, while making her clients feel worthy.


Audrey often works with HR Managers and Executive Company Assistants who contact Audrey as soon as they need her tailor-made services. 

Clients often have a busy lifestyle, whether it be on a private or on a professional level. It's important that professionals are here to tell you what your options are.

You pick the services you need, and then Audrey chooses and combines the best professionals from within her team, to work for and with you.

Audrey stays with all her clients throughout all the projects. How? Constant communication and teamwork.

Once you join our Expat in Amsterdam® family, you'll always be part of our family!

Thank you for choosing our services!

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