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VIP Services

Audrey Mezas | VIP Lifestyle Management | Expat in Amsterdam®

Some of our clients work day and night and need an extra pair of hands.

At Expat in Amsterdam® we call these clients "Specials."

We treat all our clients special, yet some "Specials" do not sleep, only eat in hotels, don't remember in which country they are, but absolutely love their work!

The solution?

Audrey is at your service for however long you need her.


Some of the things Audrey does for her Specials?

*Audrey picks her clients up from the airport with our own car service and if necessary combined with our security team,

*Audrey arranges your private jet travel,

*Audrey assists you during your Press conference or Board meeting,

*Audrey joins you during your (Inter)national travel to arrange your Special relocation,

*Audrey assists you during your "Label" or "company" launch and welcomes your guests in the Netherlands,

It's what we at Expat in Amsterdam® call VIP Lifestyle Management. 

Feel free to ask us more questions here

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