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Dutch Exam Weeks: High Fives for Parents and Teens!

It's May, and the final High School exam weeks in the Netherlands are here; it's not just the students feeling the pressure – the parents are right there in the thick of it, too.

Picture the scene: a usually cheerful household transformed into a battleground of textbooks, flashcards, and hastily consumed snacks. Every family member tiptoeing around, trying to avoid triggering a meltdown over quadratic equations or Shakespearean sonnets.

Parents, you're doing an incredible job holding it together, offering moral support, and even relearning algebra to help out.

Let's face it: coffee and patience are your best friends this time of year.

So, if you see a parent looking frazzled in the supermarket, remember, they're likely juggling more than just grocery lists – they're supporting the next generation of leaders through one of the most stressful times of their young lives.

Now, more than ever, our high schoolers need all the encouragement we can muster. They've spent countless hours studying, fuelled by the hope of a bright future and, let's be honest, a fair amount of chocolate.

It's important to remember that these exams are a big deal, not just for them but for the families that rally behind them. So, let’s show some extra kindness to both the students and their parents. They’re navigating a whirlwind of stress, hopes, and dreams.

High School student studying
High School Exam weeks in the Netherlands

After all, these young minds are our future scientists, teachers, artists, and innovators.

A little humour and understanding can go a long way – let’s cheer them on with all the gusto of a proud and slightly sleep-deprived cheerleading squad!

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