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Home is where?

Are you ready to relocate?

They say home is where the heart is. Well, let's take a little quiz and see if you're ready to relocate? (Yes, it is possible).

Where is your laptop right now?

Is your office in the living room, in the bedroom or your kitchen?

Is your dining room table your new desk?

Are your colleagues, now your dog, your partner, your children or your neighbour?

Are the words Zoom and Teams driving you crazy?

Ok. so maybe your current situation isn't all that wonderful.

Now let's add a new part to this quiz, and yes, I'm sorry, but part of my job is to be devil's advocate.

Are you ready to live in a different timezone than your parents and friends?

Are you willing to learn the new culture of a new country that you may not always understand?

Are you or your partner and children willing to leave their friends and family behind to start a new adventure?

Are you single, and for now willing to put on hold, the ready to mingle?

Are you ok with living in someone else's home and possibly ready to leave all your "stuff" behind or invest in a new home?

Are you ready to pay taxes in two countries?

Are you able to handle possibly missing birthdays, births, weddings and sadly, maybe even a funeral?

Can you deal with being homesick?

Ok. I understand you're about to stop reading this Blog and run to Netflix.

My point is, home isn't where the heart is. It's where your "new" friends live and where your friends and family may wish to move to!

Ever since Covid-19 hit the world, relocating has become something not only for expats, but also for locals, who suddenly stopped everything and started to re-assess the quality of their lives!

The world woke up, and everyone realized that time suddenly wasn't and isn't a given.

These past few months, we have had more calls from new "Dutch" clients wishing to relocate abroad than ever before. Could we please rent out and manage their homes? Could we please sell their homes with our Realtor teams as they wished to get ready to move abroad and start a new life?

Not only the Dutch but also our expat clients started moving. Some expats went back to their homeland, but many also moved within The Netherlands to more extensive or sometimes even smaller homes. Outside space has become worth gold, and expat clients who were previously renting, approached us to please have our team find that unique home with a garden or terrace to buy.

Not only real estate but our other 60+ bespoke services became crucial in a new way, as the "quality" of life became more critical and comfort and guidance were necessary more now than ever.

I hear you thinking, expats, internationals? Are the borders not closed? Not really!

There are many agreements between The Netherlands and, say, the United States of America. For example, the DAFT (Dutch American Friendship Treaty) allows Americans to relocate and emigrate to The Netherlands. It is the number one request our Immigration team has been taking care of for many clients. It requires extensive paperwork (do not underestimate this) to be done by an Immigration Lawyer. Still, with our set fees and former IND legal team, it is something which we have become experts at many years ago.

The critical thing of relocating means clients doing their homework first.

The great thing about Expat in Amsterdam® is that our teams work together. You may start needing our immigration advice and, while being helped, can have our Real estate agent, Mortgage & Tax advisor, and School team arrange all, until you walk into your "turn-key" home and start your new life.

In the meantime, clients who wish to move their start-up or company (European) headquarters to Amsterdam hire me as an Expat, Executive or VIP Lifestyle Manager to arrange all. At the same time, I choose from our necessary Certified Team leaders to get the jobs done.

Think of me as a Manager who manages your life anywhere from one day to many years.

Home isn't where your laptop is. It's where your heart will be when our team is here, to protect, educate and help you, your family and your company make a new soft landing.

After all, you have enough on your mind!

We look forward to meeting you.

For more information; contact us at

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